Date : 12 April 2024 Cummin 3450/6440, Sauff 825/7900, Isabgul (White) 2100/2825, Raido (Mustard) 940/946, Suwa (Dill Seed) 1025/1383, Ajmo (Ajwain Seed) 2030/3711.


  1. Development of Fruit Vegetable Market
  2. Facility of Humidity Free Warehouse
  3. Facility of Latest Cold Storage
  4. Facility of Latest Processing Plants
  5. Market intelligence will be updated with Internet, Kiyosk Computers & Latest Information Technology
  6. Agriculture growth & Development with Biotechnology, Information Technology & Eco Technology
  7. For Workers & Employee Construction of Residence, Primary Schools & Health Centers.
  8. Laboratory of International Level will be developed  
  9. For Food Hygienic Food Centers  & Guest House for the Farmers will be provided
  10. Determined to Develop the Big Export Hub & Hedging Yard

To reach to the new era of Prosperity with latest technology of New Management, Especially to make a brand image for the product of Farmers & to maintain it.

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